So… about the new iPhone 7

We all know how popular Apple products are among teenagers, but elderly as well. Now this is supposed to be the their flagship phone for 2017. As of now, the phone is not available yet. People will be able to purchase the new iPhone 7 starting 16th of September 2016 with a starting price of $650. But is it really worth the price to upgrade from iPhone 6/6s to 7? It really depends on your disposable income. For most people, the new upgrades will totally make it worth.


So, what is new?

You probably know by now that there won’t be a headphone jack from now on. Apple removed this as they thought it is old fashioned and in 2016 phones should have wireless headphones. Now, if you still want to use your existing headphones while listening music to your new iPhone 7, there is an adapter which goes through the charging┬áport allowing you to use normal headphones. Unfortunately you will have to pay extra for this adapter.

iPhone 7 is water resistant, which again is something new. You won’t have to worry now if you drop your phone into the water. There are also 2 speakers making the sound louder and more clear compared to previous iPhones. If this three design changes did not convince you to upgrade, bare with me as there is more.

The new home button will not click anymore when pressed, but rather vibrates. The screen is supposed to be 25% brighter which still does not beat the competition in direct sunshine. Even though Apple does not care that much about screen resolution, by having about 400 ppi the colors and screen are amazing.

Camera will offer better low light pictures and is now assisted by a 4 color led flash. Compared to iphone 6s, this is not a huge upgrade and we all know how important camera is to capture that perfect moment. Battery life is supposed to be a step up from previous model, but honestly we did not see that big of a difference. The new A10 processor is supposed to be lighter on battery usage allowing the regular user to get more than a day from its smartphone.

As a conclusion, the new iphone is not a huge improvement compared to iphone 6s. There is the same chassis, which doesn’t mean it’s not nice. But people expected to see something new. Of course, nowadays the phone is not all about cosmetic appearance but it was nice to see something unique. Again, as usual there is no way to physically expand your memory but luckily enough, Apple offers 32 GB for the starting model, going up to 256 GB. I guess there are going to be a second part to this review after a month to express our views on how well the phone handled day to day activities.

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